Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mexico Cafe

I've had a wonderful time scrapping a lot lately...enjoy this one - a quaint little cafe filled with yummies and colorful antiques:

Yesterday was way, way busy! Started off quiet in the morning but then I got a surprise phone call from a friend/former co-worker from Northern California. Apparently, she was in town - like 5 minutes away from my house - and she wanted to stop by for a visit! It was just so nice! It's so wonderful catching up with old friends and well, you know....gossiping about old times - for me it's always talking to my gal pals about the good 'ol office days - just the good stuff though - we try hard to forget all the politics and bad things that happen in today's corporate world....but it's always the good things and memories of meeting people and getting to know them at the work place!

She came with a friend, so I had some entertaining to do while watching Chris too. It was just a very pleasant visit! Nice little summer surprises!

I also received the information for Chris' summer course...whohooo....I'm so excited... and a little nervous for that because he will be taking the bus to school for the first time....I think he's ready...I'm not sure....I do know one fact - he does love the bus - to see it when we're out on the road, points at them all the time and says 'bus' and 'yellow''s sooo cute when he says the two words together and points!

He loves getting onto a parked bus at school and checking it out. He just has yet to ride one, solely without will be exciting the first day...ofcourse, you'll get the updates from me on how it all pans out!

We're off to our 'Mommy and Me' class this morning. Hope your day is wonderful!

Materials used:

Papers: Chester collection by Me & My Big Ideas. White Line.

Dots and Checks Alpha Stax by Colorbok.

Large fabric brad.

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