Monday, July 7, 2008

First day of summer school....yay!

I'll be back shortly with a new project to post....but in the meantime I just have to say I'm so thrilled that Chris is back in school for another month....I'm fortunate to have a child who really loves school! He's just so bored at home...nothing compares to the degree of challenges, imagination, and creativity that he obtains in the classroom environment. He just loves it!

Here are some pics that started off our day. He looks a wee bit tired here, I think he's still half asleep - I tell ya, those 2 weeks off really did him in. Loving his really short hair:

Putting on his socks and shoes all by himself, he's so good at that!

Walking out the door to the bus with his backpack:

So the BIG question is, "Did he take the bus or not?" No.....sorry, he was a little afraid once he saw the bus and when the bus driver and I tried to coax him on it, he started crying....that's ok, we will try again tomorrow - gotta keep trying until he gets used to it! So we went back to the house and I drove him - he was just fine inside the car, ofcourse.
Once we got to the school, it was total chaos - usually is on the first day - I can't believe how many kids go to summer school - it's quite shocking really.....I think the entire front campus was even more packed than it was when Chris started the regular season. I was just really surprised!
After some waiting, finally met the teacher. Here is a picture of his teacher (standing in the very middle with brown tank top, capris, and flip flops), she's pretty nice, I've already yacked up a storm already with her.
Here is Chris sitting on the sidewalk awaiting the other students who had yet to arrive.

We both met another student that Chris had in his previous yay....a familiar face!!

I didn't get a picture of the classroom because it just got way too busy at that time. Wish me luck for tomorrow and the rest of the week as I attempt to put him on the bus again....he'll do fine, just have to get used to it!

Will be back later with new goodies from Making Memories!

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