Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some dads have this amazing skill....

Chris' dad has a definite eye for construction:

If anyone knows Chris, they know that he LOVES trains - Thomas and Friends, Imaginarium, etc., you name it - Chris wants it! When he was younger, he only knew how to play with trains in one way - manually and only on one that he is older, he is into the more high tech trains, remote controls, layered tracks, and 3-dimensional fields. Boy, kids are smart!

So we recently got him this multi level train track and he's just in love with it ever since his dad put the entire thing together for him - it wasn't easy, I could tell....I certainly couldn't do it...I can fix and construct smaller item toys - oh, and yeah, I can replace batteries in everything stuff like this...his dad makes it look effortless...

So thanks to all the dads out there, whos hard work makes their little ones faces light up with joy! Happy Father's Day!

I have some business to take care of tomorrow but will be back to crafting in full force by Tuesday. Have a great one!

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