Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Pics of Chris at school...

Hmmm...I have a few more that I'm keeping aside for future layouts...you'll see them soon...he looks like he's having WAY too much fun:

Piggy back rides. Are you learning anything, Chris? *Chuckle*

Looking up - she's so tall, isn't she?

In the classroom...I want to know what's in that mystery box!

Song and story time:
Getting his feet painted:

I have a lot more project ideas coming your way - too many to think of right now...lol...and I'm scurrying to get as much done as I can before Chris gets out of school on the 18th...boohooo....lol....he has two weeks off then he will be going to summer school in July. Ah, yah, summer school...that was totally my idea! Gotta keep them busy! I won't be able to get in as much during his 2 wk. break so I'm doing what I can now.....

As always, enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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