Saturday, June 14, 2008

A card....and some birthday party pics of Chris

It is almost 10 p.m. Saturday's a wonderful time of the two boys are's peaceful....very quiet....and although I'm physically exhausted...I'm mentally invigorated as I sit here in calmness.

Here is a card I made last night along with the Pirate card but I didn't have a chance to post it yet. Another design using flourish stamps by Hero Arts. I'm really loving all of their stamps:

Today was busy....We all took off for the neighbors birthday party at 1:00 p.m. and Chris officially was awake for over 14 hours even being so physically active today playing with the other children, eating a lot of junk food (usually how it is at parties), jumping in 2 bouncers non-stop, bike riding, balloons/flags and other decorations abuse, and eventually stuffing himself with cakes, lollipops, and cupcakes....he LOVED the cupcakes and wanted to keep going back for more! Oh, and I forgot to mention, he wanted to take some of the birthday boys toys while he was opening them...It just got too wild and we were all pretty tired and dirty - not to mention sweaty from the 80 + degree weather today.

The food was absolutely scrumptuous! Filipino food including a huge pig and delicious cheese noodle with sliced eggs - oh, so good....I must have ate more than 3 plates of it. More meats and pasta on one table than you can ever imagine! There was an ice cone machine for the kids and a beautiful fruit ensemble!

And then my camera ran out of batteries and said I needed to charge it about half way into the festivities...I was deeply bummed because I live by that camera of mine! But I did manage to get in a few fun photos of Chris.

Here he is checking out a Diego scooter:

Destroying or attempting to destroy the birthday boys balloons:

More balloon playing....hmmm...what are they looking at?

Relaxin' in the shade:

Enjoy the pics!

Here are all the materials used for the card:

Stamps, paper, florals, crystals, and sentiment by Hero Arts.

Red gingham ribbon.

Ink: black, frost white, and burnt orange.

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