Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calla Lilies

This is the first time I've attempted making a flower that stood upright in a vase....with much trial and error....I finally got this flower to look the way I wanted....forgive me if the pics are a little grainy, I don't have the wonderful sunshine blazing through my window this morning...it's kind of muggy and overcast this morning...

Here are two views...one with a black background and one with a yellow background...I couldn't decide which one I like better so I thought I'd let you choose:

The Calla Lily was the flower I chose for my own wedding. I just love the beauty of this flower! The floral contractor that I worked with was sooo wonderful! I requested that I only wanted one single stem Calla Lily to hold while I was walking down the aisle and the same for all of my bridesmaids....I really thought it would be a problem just requesting ONE flower, but she was so great about it and just said, "Sure, no problem!"

Here are the closeups:

For the outside petals, all I did was hand cut my own desired shape and then adhered them towards the outside edge. I took my finger and gently curled back the ends to make it look softer.

Hope you enjoy - it was such fun making this!

Materials for this design include:

Papers: Vine White by Making Memories. Green Scallop and Yellow Stitch by Bazzill.

Lime Green Ribbon.

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