Friday, May 30, 2008

Where did all this LOVE come from? New Links added...

I finally got around to adding my favorite stationery store links to my left navigation bar...I'm not sure why it took me so you know or those of you who know me very well....all this passion I have for crafting nowadays, did not initially begin with stamping or scrap booking.

Oh no, no, no, my initial interest was purely stationery products, beautifully printed and designed stationery on the very finest of papers. That's where it all started....and then I think that I actually wandered into other arenas...and DISCOVERED other mediums related to the stationery business. That's when I discovered all about scrap booking, rubber stamping, and ink? What? I have to ink myself? LOL, that was the first few thoughts of a novice stamper....I still do not think of myself as a professional stamper by any means....I'm still learning new and unique techniques each and every day! Each day brings much inspiration and fulfilled accomplishments....but we never really forget where and what brought us here, do we?

I still, from to time, enjoy shopping at my local stationery shop or visiting online venues that carry my favorite I thoroughly enjoy both....pre-printed stationery and hand made stationery...there is no 'one or the other' for's a mix of love for everything, you know?

So if you have an interest as well, check out the new links to your all time favorite are LuLu products by Anne Keenan Higgins...just love her artistry. You can find out all about her crafting technique and who LuLu is...and what she encompasses for all of us women out there. Great products! My personal favorite in Anne's collection are her yearly calendars...OMG....I can't get enough of those calendars, I always purchase the wall edition and it's a must have for me....I can't live without my LuLu husband always gets the duty of ordering the calendar for me whenever it reaches the end of the's always one of my Christmas

I just heard the 2009 calendar is coming out soon and you know I just can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

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