Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Chris made for mommy...

I love, love little surprises that I find in Chris' backpack each and every day after school....all sorts of fun art work, newsletters, party info, and special projects that Chris makes. Yesterday, after coming home, I dug this out of his backpack...such a nice surprise:

All the kids made one for their moms. How very special! That little hand print is all his....I love the sentiment that Chris' teacher typed up, click to get a closer look at the sentiment....I need to find a special place to hang this up in the house:

Today, my family will be spending the day together for Mother's Day, so we're celebrating a day early. It will be fun! Lots of food, laughter, and noisy women talking!!!! I hope to take some good pics to share.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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