Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ramblings of my day and.....details on the June Banner....

It is late Saturday evening....I had such a nice day....thanks to my hubby giving me my "day off." You see, once, or even twice a month, I tell my hubby that it is time for my "day off", and he just automatically knows what I'm talking about...simply meaning he babysits Christopher for the entire day and I get to leave the house and spend it however I would like! It's really nice, and my hubby knows that I need a break sometimes, just simply from everything! He's so supportive when it comes to what I consider this 'special' day of mine!

It's a nice de-stressor, definitely! I can choose how I spend my day and where I go, whether it's time out for myself, with family members, or with my girlfriends. Today, I wanted to spend some time with my mom and take her out and go shopping! Can't resist a day of fun shopping and browsing. I think the real, true meaning of my day off is not just getting out and doing physical things but it's a total, mental re-charging of my brain, you know what I mean? It gives me a chance to de-frazzle my mind and refresh itself! It's a great feeling!

While I was out with my mom, I also was able to take in some inspiration for a few more projects that I have in mind - it's really amazing where your inspiration comes never has to be anything intricate at all - a book cover or magazine, a shirt that someone is wearing, seeing a child's face when you accidentally bump into them in an aisle, or just seeing a beautiful piece of dinner ware displayed on a stand. The thoughts all roam, and although I enjoy my day, I'm secretly working my brain should be totally relaxing though...

Every mom should have a day off, what do you think?

So I just put up the banner for theme is a Celebration of Summer.....and all the fun and parties that people will be having in the upcoming months. Children are getting out of school and families are taking vacations. Lots of barbecues, family get-togethers, graduations, and birthday celebrations. It's all about celebrating what summer means to us!

Here are all the materials used for this layout:

Papers: Chenille by Doodlebug Designs. Coaster Papers by Creative Imaginations.

Loopy love alpha letters by Doodlebug.

Florals and brads by Making Memories.

Summer themed stickers by Creative Imaginations.

Assorted polka-dotted ribbons.

Scalloped circle die-cuts (plain).

White lollipop sticks.

Tangerine and Bumblebee silk florals.

Lace Paper by Creative Imaginations.


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