Friday, May 23, 2008

Pinwheel Flags - A Simple Tutorial!

So here is a sneak peek at a few things I'm making for my June banner, these are great for a party decoration, a table centerpiece, a cake topper, a gift topper, for stuffing inside favor bags, hanging on walls, and passing out for the little ones to play with.

I'm going to give you a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make these. It's very simple!

Step 1:
Start out with a square sheet of paper - you may choose the size of your paper according to how big you want your flag to look. For mine, I chose a 4" x 4" size square:

I defined each part of the square by labeling them with what I call 'quadrants'. Each quadrant tells you what part of the paper you will be CUTTING OUT. For example, Q1 - you will cut out the bottom left hand portion. Q2 - cut out the top left hand portion. Q3 - cut out the bottom right hand portion, and Q4 - cut out the top right hand portion.

Step 2:
When you are finished cutting out the pieces, fold all the pieces towards the back side, as follows:
Q1 - fold downwards.
Q2 - fold to the right side.
Q3 - fold to the left side.
Q4 - fold upwards.
You will have this look after the folding is completed:

Step 3:
You may now secure the center of each wheel with whatever embellishment you choose - whether it be brads, florals, or staples, clips, or epoxy stickers. I chose brads because they are just the easiest. I then took some epoxy 'summer' themed stickers and a flower and placed them on top of the brads. Adhere your lollipop stick last. Here is your completed look after you've secured and decorated the center portion:
Voila! You're finished and have some fun decorations to use at your next party!

All materials used include:

Papers and epoxy stickers by Creative Imaginations.
White lollipop sticks.
Floral and brad by Making Memories.

Have an awesome Friday!

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