Sunday, May 25, 2008

No doubt....a future stamper...

See this cute little bag here? It's filled with yummy stamps, but they don't belong to me:

All of these are for him:

Chris is very into stamping now! He's going to be quite the craftster when he's you see the happy smiley face at the bottom right hand corner of the top photo? He says the words, 'happy face' all the time but since he can not pronounce the letter 'f', he says, 'happy base, happy base' - and it just sounds so adorable! He absolutely loves that particular stamp, I think it is his favorite!

Yesterday was a fun filled family day - we managed to do a lot and keep Chris busy! The morning started off with another close shave of his hair. Mommy and Daddy love his new look now, btw, he just looks so much older with this new hair cut. Although I do miss all the fluffiness of his older look, he was in need of a new style! He is sooo good now during the whole process, doesn't even cry or anything, he did get just a tad squirmy towards the end though when a piece of hair unexpectedly flew into his mouth - didn't appreciate that! If you take a closer look at the photo where he is stamping, the cut is pretty close to his head - very thin and smooth now! Totally short in the back!

We took off for the park after that - he got in some play time and some bike riding time but he didn't go for very long - it was kind of cold - this strange weather we're having here - extreme hot and then extreme cold intervals! We only lasted 45 minutes at the park which is nothing compared to the amount of time he can normally stay at a park.

We took him to a carousel that he likes but it was gone! I think I was more sad than he was - his dad was hilarious though! His dad picked him up and held Chris in his arms, and proceeded to go around and jump up and down in a as if the carousel was present. Chris thought it was funny...I got a good laugh out of it! Instead, they will be building a different kind of child's play area in its place - it's supposed to be really big and stylish! We'll see!

Later in the day, we went shopping, shopping...he picked up some videos, balloons, a whole bag of them, and a pumper - that's when he got the stamps too! What a day...we're always wiped out at the end of a jam packed day....

I'm working on some projects in the background that I can't quite show you yet. Tonight, I'll be working on some more wedding themed cards that I will post for you shortly.

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