Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Letters

Email is very convenient and nice.....but to receive a friend's card or letter by snail that's priceless. So in honor of an old fashioned hand written note or letter, I decided to make this last night:

I had made a mailbox a long time ago but it was really big in size, so this time I thought I would 'miniaturize' everything! The mailbox (with the lid open) is 7" in length and only 3" tall. It's so very little and cute! Even the hand post swivels...instead of using glue, I adhered it with a brad so that you can move it back and forth.

How about putting some cards inside the box...

How about a little more just to show your recipient how much you care:

I just love, love, getting 'real' mail in my box - you know what I mean, in between all your stash of bills and junk ads, a real letter or handwritten note card from a loved one is just so special, it's a sentiment that is so well appreciated. I, for one, have not been very good at sitting down and actually writing someone a letter. I think the last time I wrote to someone was about 8 or 9 months ago, pretty long ago. And, ME, the person who loves to write, the one who has like a ton of stationery sets sitting in the husband thinks I have way too much and we are running out of room to store them's true....I HOARD stationery and everything related to's such an addiction.

But you know, you grow older, you get married, have have a family and things get really, really busy! Things are complicated. Your priorities are different, and although I think so much, all the time about my friends and family who live far AND close - I yearn to take out that favorite pen of mine...sit down in a quiet area, pull out the matching stationery paper...oh must match...even down to the stamps sometimes...I know, it's an illness of mine....but it's a yearning that isn't fulfilled as often as I would like these days....but I will make an effort very soon to write another letter.....

Here are all the materials used for this project:

Papers: Ally's Wonderland, Cupids Candy Shop, and Jolie Chocolat by SEI.

Chocolate Loopy Love Letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Brads by Bo Bunny.

Florals by Prima.

Accessories: Hole punch, Giga Oval Scallop Punch, scallop scissors, chocolate felt tip pen, assorted ribbons.

Chris and I are headed to see my mom mom is so very cool! Have a wonderful day!

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