Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HIS day...

...and what fun it was! So I mentioned previously that today was the annual pre-schooler's PLAY DAY for the entire school district that Chris attends. We all (about 13 different bus loads, and that didn't even include parents who drove their children) met up at this HUGE park - and I mean it's no regular park - it's gigantic with lots of amenities, tons of individual playgrounds, beautiful landscapes, and unique slides!

He cried at first when we got there, because I think it was totally 'out of routine' for him. I think he was wondering why he wasn't headed to the school instead of being re-routed to the park...lol. Here's a great shot of him and his teacher - I really love this one:

In the below photo, they are sitting down, lined up for their potty breaks....

"Hey guys, look at that funny woman over there with the camera!":

Sitting down for lunch:

One of the mom's made some yummy sandwiches for all the little ones. She also brought some fresh fruit, and tons of bubble bottles for each child to play with, it was all so colorful and very festive!

This was the BIGGEST fun for all of the kids, a huge slide that is perched very high from up top and is narrow and swerves all the way down to the ground - you start off pretty slow up top then once you get going, the gravitation pull just barrels you down the rest of the way. Chris WAS ECSTATIC with this slide. You have to run up a hill to get back to the very top perch to slide down again. I think all the kids went about 5-6 times, which is a lot considering there were hundreds of other kids waiting in line!

"Mommy, I'm a little thirsty.":

I got a class photo of everyone but guess whos child decided to not sit still, hence, he came out blurry in the photo..lol:

I still have a ton more to sort through....I will pick some of the best ones and do a layout...yay!
I'm exhausted and I still have some sand and dirt to clean off of me and inside the car (chuckle...close friends and family will understand this last sentence...lol..). Overall, a remarkably fun day, totally chaotic in every way, I'm talking not just the kids having fun, but there was some mischievous kids too...kids taking each others lunches and snacks, and, oh, an 'almost' lost child who wandered off! We found him though, thankfully! I'm really glad I got to spend time with Chris, his classsmates, and his teacher.
I'll be back with some more fun stamping later!

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Vernon & Joanne said...

Well well, I never had fun days like that when I was in school. But that was a hundred years ago.
Nice pics Tif.