Sunday, May 4, 2008

Family...Sunday, Funday!

Every once-in-a-while, don't you just love it when you have a really good family day outing with your spouse and the child? Hmmm...and what is my definition of good? Well, I guess that means no screaming, tantrum-filled child who won't cooperate while mommy and daddy go eat today was one of those rare days where our cute little Chris was just a perfect doll! He was soo good! We had a fun filled day at the park, he played on the huge playground at this school that has a playground attached to it.

He also rode his bike down this long bike trail and just loved it! He also spent some quality time at a local library - loved the legos and other toys that are in the children's section. He also discovered some very cleverly built 'toddler' friendly computers - with bright colored keyboards and games on the computer screen. I think he wanted to stay at the library longer than we were there but we were all getting pretty hungry for lunch!

He even got to see this man with a parrot on his shoulders at the library. It was a beautiful, chartreuse colored bird with delicate feathers, and actually said, "Oh, yeah!" Chris got a kick out of seeing the parrot.

We stopped at one of our favorite restaurants and normally he would be all over the place but today he behaved like a perfect gentleman! The day ended nicely with a huge scoop of icecream and a playful balloon that he got to take home.....I like those days...simple... and joyful for everyone.

It was a good one. Mommy is happy...

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