Saturday, April 26, 2008

No more 'bowl' haircuts...Yippee!

Today has been busy, busy, but we finally accomplished what we set out to's a side view of Chris' new hair do...a very close shave:

For the longest time I have been cutting his hair at home because he just simply wouldn't sit still and was not quite ready for a visit to a professional salon! So up until now, I've been his stylist and have just simply cut the very easy 'bowl' cut that some little boys have! One day just recently, he got very, extremely scared of my scissors! I'm not sure why and so I stopped cutting his hair for awhile!

Well, it was getting pretty long and we finally decided it was time for a new and updated look for him. His daddy purchased this precision hair cutting tool kit - not really all that expensive - only $30, that's not bad considering the case is fully packed with all the accessories you can possibly imagine for a good shearing! We thought the electric razor might scare him and trust me, I worried and worried for days endlessly wondering how we were going to accomplish cutting his hair with the new tools at home!

But we did it! His dad did such a good job! He wasn't even all that scared! He did finch just a tad in the beginning but was able to last until the final piece of his very thick hair was strewn onto the kitchen floor - what a mess! You would not even imagine how much hair this little kid had! My goodness - it took me quite a while to do a full cleaning of the house! I did have a front shot of his bangs but the picture came out a little blurry so I won't be posting it, but it is definitely short and very closely shaven. A nice, natural look!

He looks so handsome and soooo much older now. All that hair previously really made his head round but now he looks a little skinnier with much less
So after we were done with what I would call a 'glorious' moment in time...a great adventure that I'm sure we'll be doing more of 2-3 months down the road - we headed out of the house and took off for Grandma's.

Grandma was pleased and loved the hair! Pretty busy day with her too, he was wiped out even before I came home:

Don't you love it when your kids sleep in the car like that? Doesn't it make the car driving so much more pleasant for the adult? LOL.

I'll be back next week with some more fun projects! Have a good one!

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