Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Drama....

Today has been extremely busy and I am just sitting down now and contemplating....getting down all my thoughts...brings me such a great sense of relief...closure to a day that started out very hectic and worrisome...and ended with everything coming out well, with an added surprise!

My darling hubby had been sick since Saturday and his condition seemed to worsen up til' this morning. He took off for the doctors office this morning while I took Christopher to school. I came back and proceeded to run errands and do my routine set of chores. He called me and told me that he was feeling even worse...disoriented...with shortness of breath, and unable to drive any further at that point. The doctor wanted him to go to another facility and have some x-rays done to determine what the problem was. Since he was unable to drive, he needed me to come and pick him up.

I pulled Chris out from school early and headed over to the doctors office. We went to the x-ray lab and all was taken care of. Christopher had no clue what was going on. He was probably surprised that he left school in a different manner, but it didn't seem to phase him. There was plenty of kid friendly toys to keep him busy and a hot and cold water fountain and plenty of plastic cups to entertain him!!! He played with the fountain so much that it almost flooded the drainage area because he kept pouring water into it, one cup after another! Ah yes, a child's delight in the simplest of things!

After receiving some antibiotics, my hubby was feeling a little better and we were all able to go home, he was ok to drive his own car back home as I drove mine with Chris inside. The doctor called hours later to let us know that the test results from the x-ray came out normal! What a relief. So the shortness of breath, fever, and eyesight disorientation - we're not really sure what caused it all - perhaps the weather - it's been freakishly hot here in Southern Calif. these past few days. I'm sure stress added to intense heat and whatever else you can imagine could make anyone terribly ill!

It is now almost 9:00 p.m., and all is quiet, the toddler asleep, and the hubby is feeling a little better. He needs to rest up the next few days before he fully recovers. During the later part of the day, I was catching up on my emails and blog and I just happened to receive an email from one of the co-owners at Lizzie Anne Designs. Imagine how exciting that is to just get an email from them! I've been submitting some of my designs to their gallery and they wanted to know if they could use one of my designs as one of their 'Projects of the Month' for the month of May!!! Holy heck, how awesome is that?! Like you're going to say no to something like that? What an honor. I am truly pleased because I really do work so hard and put every effort into all that I do....and I actually love every minute of what I do. Chuckles and squeals of delight came over me. I can't wait to see my design on their website. I will do another post once it appears on their website and will definitely share with you!

It is really coming to a close this evening but somehow I have re-energized, and am ready for another project, perhaps I will make another heart chipboard, my last one, for now in love with those chipboards that I could probably make a ton of them!

I've ordered a ton of newer papers and embellishments to work with, but they have not arrived yet - hmm...small frown...oh, UPS and mailman...where are you?

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