Friday, April 18, 2008

Icecream and Playdough

Here is a pic of Christopher in school today. Hmmm....wonder what he is making. I think he's going to be a very creative and 'crafty', uh hum, boy! Can you see those eyelashes of his? Aren't you jealous? I am..... I also lovey, lovey those colorful chairs in the background!

They also made icecream today! The teacher said that all this week, they've been concentrating on the letter 'i'. I think they do one letter of the alphabet for a whole week. And since 'i' is the special letter, it was a perfect idea to make icecream! Old fashioned icecream - I bet it was a lot of fun!!! He came home with kind of a mess on his shirt, looked so cute! Had some sprinkly things on his hair and his mouth was all orangey - must have had spaghetti for lunch and then the icecream for!

I'll be working on some new projects soon that will involve a picture frame and some Stamping Bella fun! I'll get those posted this weekend and into Monday. I also have a fun surprise for you that has something to do with my hubby...hehe.

Have a great Friday!

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