Tuesday, April 8, 2008

His method of transportation has been upgraded...

...LOL! Don't you just love how your kids grow up and GROW OUT of things so fast? It seems like you are buying them stuff all the time, and I mean all the time - endlessly. Even if it's just a size bigger pair of socks, a shirt, or a pair of shoes, it seems like my Chris needs something new constantly because he either wears out totally his old stuff or just gets bored!

As with all things, he is also tired of his Little Tykes bike, you know, the kind with 3 huge plastic wheels and it's all made out of plastic? Very bright colors with big handles and wheels and a huge plastic chair attached. Cute little thing - he would probably still ride it but he's outgrown it a little. His legs are long now and we've tried looking at a lot of different bikes for awhile now, and some are just too small or too big!

So today I was at Walmart, not even thinking about buying anything in particular - just wanted to browse - look for bargains and let Chris play in the toy section. Always, always let him play in the toy section anywhere I go, it's a must. Keeps him busy and tires him out. So anyway, as he was over in the toy area, the bike section is just nearby...naturally, he wandered over there and started riding different ones around two different aisles. Then he saw this one! The one in the picture. And he took it for a spun several times down multiple aisles - and then he proceeded down almost the entire store...bumped into a few people - made them mad, others thought it was funny and cute. I did my thoughtful apologies as he went along...sigh....but he loved the thing....I mean, I guess you really know when your child is suited for a bike, when he really sits and rides in it for a lengthy amount of time - and it fits him perfectly! It's colorful, has the two training wheels that he still needs and is very tough and sturdy.

So there we have it, walk into a store thinking you'll walk out without anything - and instead I'm holding him in one hand and hauling a 50? lb. bike?

But the boy is happy and that makes mommy exhuberant! We'll be bike riding a lot this coming spring and summer as soon as the weather warms up a tad. It will be fun and he will have a blast - a new bike is just such a big deal for little ones. The joy on their faces - absolutely priceless!

I'm hoping to get back to another crafting project soon. My schedule has been thrown off a little this week. I promised myself I would even take some time just to clean out my closet that contains all of my crafting supplies - quite a chore but I've got to get on that soon!

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