Friday, April 11, 2008

From a little decorative...

So here are the organizing boxes that I got from Target yesterday, very simple and very functional! That's my main need is for everything to be functional and made out of plastic - lol! Can't have any glass around a 3-year-old.

I took one of the boxes that I used for storing all of my wonderful flowers and decorated it. I eventually took up three boxes just for florals!

This is the view I'll be storing them inside the closet space, the shorter width facing outwards so I can see what I'm looking for:

I did find a beautiful shelving unit that's made out of light maple and has coordinating woven baskets as the storage containers - Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful - I love them - there were 3 stands left and each one was $70. Phew, a little expensive but maybe someday when my closet space grows or I have my dream studio! That would be lovely!
I've finished all the organizing and everything is neatly placed in my containers. I've vowed never to get it messy's a promise that I must put down into a contract for it to actually happen! Everything looks great and I'm so pleased with the work. Nothing like hard work that's been accomplished and it's just a great feeling to have gotten it out of the onto other places in the house - ugh!
Hope to get to some more crafting soon. Today, my hubby has a day off and we're all going out and spending some quality time together. Have fun!

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