Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Dill Blossom card and lots of spring cleaning!

I got to play with yet another SEI product. This is also a new line called Dill Blossom - an orange and moss green combination -

Here's a close-up of the sentiment tag, I really liked how it looks overall on the card.

Materials used:
Paper: Dill Blossom by s.e.i.
Florals: Prima.
Inks: Moss green and orange.
Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs.
Accessories: large scallop scissors and large scalloped rectangle punch.
So last night, I went ahead and stopped procrastinating - finally cleaned out my master bedroom, walk-in closet. My goodness, it was such a mess. The cabinet within the closet itself was total chaos! Everything you can possibly imagine that I have acquired since I've been married! Everything from my crafting supplies, to old 1980's gift wrap paper, to cleaning and kitchen supplies (what the heck?), and even silly things like just empty plastic bags that were sitting around! I mean, why in the world would I put back an empty bag instead of just throwing it out? I mean, I'm sooo good at throwing things away - claims my husband. It's scary but I really have a knack for throwing away instead of keeping - so why it took so long to clean out the closet - I'm not really sure!
But I did it! I conquered!!! Yay! It took 4 hours to complete and then I even was crazy enough to make that card that I just posted. So now that I have everything cleaned out - I need matching storage containers to organize everything. All my stuff is still in boxes but not entirely separated the way that I want. So it's off to the store to buy some fun containers - ooooh, this is the part that I can't wait for. Some clean, simple, but still fun looking storage boxes that will hold everything nicely!
I'll try Target first and then move on from there if Target doesn't work out - they usually have some pretty cute ideas!
It's almost the weekend - have a great day!

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