Friday, April 25, 2008

Born to Craft

Whooohooo! It's Friday....I got a huge kick when I saw this image:

I just knew I had to get this stamp! It's so perfect for all of us who are crafters, sewers, stampers, exemplifies everyone out there who really have a passion for this art. And it definitely is an art form, isn't it? It takes patience, a lot of creativity, energy and imagination, and not to mention all the!

This is craftybella from Stamping Bella. Heck, she even looks kinda like me with that short little bob. Just slap on a pair of glasses, and it would be me! So instead of using patterned paper like I usually do for my background, I used all ribbon as my canvas.

I love how my craftybella is all ready to do her stuff with scissors in hand, ribbons, buttons, and all her little accessories! She looks so organized, doesn't she?

For my ink colors, I used my Versafine Onyx black, I love this ink, it dries sooo fast! I also used mandarin, fuschia, dust pink, light green, velvet purple, yellow, blue jean, light blue, deep red, brown, and apple green.

I chose a light pink paperclip and tied a chocolate lined pink ribbon to it and attached the stamped image to one of the ribbons, just something different instead of using glue to adhere the image.

I used a medium sized circle scallop punch for the sentiment and used a tiny hole punch to pierce the ends of each scallop edge.

Fun, fun! I just got word that my Making Memories supplies are coming today...YAY! How exciting is that? But I won't work on some of it till middle of the weekend. I promised my hubby we would have pizza and a movie tonight - yummy....I always get excited for the little things in life like me....when you have a little don't realize how precious just small treats can be!

Movie time for us is usually past 8:00 p.m. after we've put Chris down to bed. That's pretty much the only time we can watch. It's almost impossible to watch anything when he is awake..the tv is always on Nickelodeon, Disney, or he has one of his dvd's playing...hehe....He's my cutie!

Until my next project, have a great day and weekend!

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