Sunday, April 20, 2008

A big laugh from Chris and my Girl's Day Out fun....

Here is a pic of Chris with one of the teacher's aides. She must be tickling him because he can get a pretty good laugh going when he's tickled!

Yesterday, my hubby babysitted Chris so I got to hang with some of my gal pals from my previous work place. I tell you, it is always soo, soo, nice when daddy gives mommy a small break and I am virtually 'toddler' free! You know, it's really important that as women and mommies, that we really do get that time off to ourselves - just so we can relax, rejuvenate our minds, and re-energize. It's such an exhilarating feeling and really makes you feel mentally better.

So normally, when Chris' dad babysits, I can either choose to spend time by myself, or with family members, or with my friends. Usually I like to spend some time with my mom, but I have not seen my girlfriends for a long time so we finally got around to getting all of that organized!

We had soo much fun - didn't get to take any pictures though. We ate ALOT! Laughed, talked, GOSSIPED, and ate some more. We were going to take in a movie too but there wasn't anything that we were really interested in. The selection looked pretty bland! They say summer 2008 should be a better time for movies than right now.

After we finished eating at one restaurant and decided not to watch a movie, it was then that we decided to hit another restaurant and just have some drinks and dessert. I didn't drink but I definitely had dessert! Oh man, I ordered a huge double chocolate layered cake and, without any guilt whatsoever, I ate it all! LOL. I love it! What is a girl's day out if you can't enjoy yourself thoroughly??! My girls had some fondue, which looked delish too - but I'm just not into fondue all that much - looks very beautiful though!

We ended our little get together around 4 p.m. Because believe it or not, we all have families to get back to and staying into the wee hours of the night just is not an option when you're a mommy - you can still have fun but you still have responsibilities. :)

It was just a perfect ending to a Saturday with some good buddies and conversation - you can't ask for more than that!

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