Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Banner and a cute story about Chris...

So I finally got my new monthly banner up - how do you like it? I saw in the store a couple of months back this color combination wrapping paper of chartreuse, bright orange, and fuschia - and I thought - WOW - those colors look totally awesome together. They are just so spectacular looking when put together!

First thing I had to do was take a plain gift box and used the chartreuse paper, a string of fuschia ribbon, and a floral topper to decorate the box. It came out very nice! I plan on using the box a little later for a gift to someone, haven't decided to whom it will go to or what I'm buying as the gift, but then again I have a whole bunch of unused containers that are decorated and are still sitting in my closet!

I also made the simple card with a white and orange blossom floral by Making Memories. I love, love BIG flowers - they just make everything pop! The orange daisy paper on the card is by Doodlebug Designs. The gift tag was made with a paisley yellow and orange paper, a yellow paper flower by Martha Stewart, a red butterfly die-cut, and a burnt orange ribbon to finish off the look.

Hope you enjoy it - I had a fabulous time putting everything together and taking a snapshot of it.

Now on to my little Chris, yesterday at school, the kids made these adorable 'Apple Jacks' necklaces. So as each child was walking out of class - I noticed everyone had one around their necks except for my boy....hmmm....so not surprisingly, the teacher told me while he was stringing them onto a piece of thread, he would take a couple back out and eat them, constantly running to the table that had the bowl of Apple Jacks and taking a handful to eat! He never quite had a completely made necklace...lol...I laughed so hard when I heard that! That's my little guy! He'll eat anything that's little and filled with yummy sugar!

I'll be back a little later with a Birthday card.

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