Thursday, March 20, 2008

What fun he had....

By the look of all the things that Chris got inside his Easter bag; the cupcake frosting and paint smears on his clothes, and artfully in his hair, and to top it off - the little smirk he has on his face in the first picture ~ I think that says it all....yeah, I think the teacher gave the kids a good day!!

Don't you just love, love the photos where all the kids are walking out at the same time? It's so adorable. Just these little 3-4 yr. olds walking out together is so just have to see it!
I love the novelty yellow chick inside the basket. One of the moms must have brought this for all the kids. I took a shot of this up close so it looks really big, but in reality, this tiny little basket is only about an inch tall and wide. It's so cute!

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