Friday, March 21, 2008

They're BACK....

...ah, yes, the early signs of Spring brings many having fun outside, the fresh air, the beautiful sunlight shining down from the sky, flowers blooming, the near end of cold weather....but Spring time also brings our way something else....BUGS....those awful little bugs that invade your house, get into all your belongings, your clothes, every nook and corner, etc. You know what I mean! I don't know what they are called, but they start out as a black larva bug that crawls and then turns into some type of fly with 2 delicate wings on their backs....THOSE...I was invaded by this morning upon awakening!

So it took me a couple of hours of getting rid of them, a lot of insecticide spraying, and vacuuming. I've gotten most of them, but they are still hiding in wait...waiting until I leave the house before they come out again with their And anyone who knows me...knows that I can't stand bugs....I see bugs and I go into this MODE...I put on my tactical gear, armor if you want to call it, and I do my thing, I go in fighting. I know, it's crazy....but in the end there will only be one conqueror this spring/summer season...and it won't be them!

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