Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some things that could ruin a mommy's day...

  1. Mommy picks up son after school and asks him, "What should we do today?"...hmmm.
  2. Mommy decides to call some girlfriends and schedule a quick lunch at Wendy's.
  3. Mommy and son drive to meet friends. Just a couple of minutes into it, son decides he does not like her friends.
  4. He starts screaming, crying, throwing a fit.
  5. Everyone in Wendy's looks at mommy.
  6. Mommy takes son outside to parking lot to calm him down.
  7. He is still throwing a fit.
  8. Mommy and son walk to car and mommy decides to leave.
  9. Son is still angry and kicks his backpack, making mommy's cell phone fly out underneath the car.
  10. Mommy has to get on her knees and both hands, roll under the car to retrieve cell phone. Mommy not happy. Mommy has a streak of dirt across her shirt and pants.
  11. Mommy's friends come out of restaurant to see if she is ok. Mommy apologizes, thanks them for their time and the whole 2 minutes that she got to see them.
  12. Mommy and son leave to go home. Son is still crying - 30 minute drive home.
  13. Son stops crying after arriving at the house, finally...peace and calmness.

Mommy needs to stamp tonight and make a card. It will make her happy and she will try to post it tomorrow. :)

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