Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My son - Christopher

This is my 3-year-old, Christopher! Yes, I keep reminding myself I should have created a baby blog when he was first born and started at that point in But since I was in such excruciating pain after giving birth, not to mention the first 5 months of his life was a total learning experience for me being a first time mommy...I think blogging was the last thing on my mind, although looking back, I still should have done the whole blogging bit!

He is truly a wonderful, handsome young man, and he seems to get more handsome as each day passes. I sit here sometimes and can't even believe the time that has flown by and that he is actually this old now. He's a doll - lots and lots of thick brown hair. He has big, huge eyes and the longest eyelashes you will ever see - if you could see it! I'm not sure why his eyelashes are so long but they are - I think he got them from his dad. Girls would die if they saw it - it's perfectly natural and curly. I don't do anything to it! It was that way since he was born!

He is in pre-school now - just started in January of this year! He LOVES it! And I can't emphasize how much he loves it....I'm blessed that he wakes up every morning and is just a go getter - takes his bath, gets the clothes on, eats breakfast - and he's ready to head out the door. It's a great feeling for me too - for the parents - knowing that your kid loves school - for now! His likes - pretty much all toys that are at Toys-R-Us, the park (swings and slides he craves whenever we are there), eating lots of icecream, spaghetti, and way, waaayyy too much sugar! He's really into books now that he has started school for awhile. Playing games, watching his dvd's. He likes Thomas and Friends, the Backyardigans, Elmo, Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse, etc. Too many to name.

I'll be posting a lot of photos of him, and a lot of scrap booking projects of him - more so than any other used to love having my picture taken but now I'm more of the picture taker! I hold the camera now and the image of my future is's all about him! Love it!

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