Thursday, March 27, 2008

He has a substitute teacher today...

So I was surprised this morning, as most of the parents were - that Chris has a substitute teacher today. His regular teacher had some teacher's meeting/conference so she could not make it. Didn't seem to phase the students though - they're so young, they don't even realize it!

Today has been sooo busy and it's only 10:00 in the morning, and I'm not even done yet....Thursday's and Friday's are usually my 'run errands' day outside of the house. Mon. thru Wed. are usually chores inside the's my life. But the joy that one gets when everything is clean and business is all taken care of - that's the best feeling of joy in the whole world! :)

Oh, by the way, I changed the layout of the blog just yesterday. I previously had a pink LOVE....but then I decided that since I want to do a new banner/header for each month and that each month's color scheme might be different, I chose to go with a more neutral background - so white it is!

I also did not like how things were all scrunched together with no lines to separate individual posts, and the pics were off a little. So I'm so happy with this new layout! Yay! It looks so much better, more spread out and structured! lol. I need structure!

Off to run more errands...have a wonderful day!

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