Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cupcake heaven

Tomorrow, Christopher is having an Easter party in his class. They will be having an egg hunt filled with colorful eggs and candy, and lots of fun activities, not to mention all the food that all the parents are bringing! I signed up for cupcakes, because who can resist a cupcake! So here are the final results of my endeavor - don't they look absolutely amazing? Actually, the picture does not do them justice, they look even better up close. BUT, there is a story behind my cupcake adventure, one that I feel I need to share because it meant a lot to me - let's just say it started as a crisis at the last minute, my inquiry into the crisis, which turned into a super, unbelievable customer service experience, and overall crisis adverted!

I had ordered on Monday, 24 cupcakes from a company called Mrs. Beasley's. I received a shipment of only 18 cupcakes - they were all super great looking cupcakes - absolutely delicious looking - but I was still missing 6. It was too late in the day to call customer service so I waited until first thing this morning to call. The rep was very helpful and said that they apologized for the 6 that I was missing and would overnight them to me. But the problem was I needed them for Thursday morning, overnighting them wouldn't have done me any good!

So then the rep said, "Oh, no problem, we are contracted with some local bakeries and will contact the store nearest you, have them make 6 fresh cupcakes and throw in 6 free ones for you due to our mistake." "They will hand deliver to you today". Can you believe that? I was just going to die....I couldn't believe how exceptional this lady was in trying to rectify the problem.

I had called in this problem at 9:00 a.m., at by 12:00 noon, a delivery man was standing at my front door with the gorgeous set of a dozen cupcakes that you see in the picture. Totally fabulous! How great is that? Much relief and all is well now...I can sleep tonight. Visit the site if you ever need any confectionery items for a party, I actually might order from them again even though there was that little mistake. But the overall good that came out of it might make me a return customer!

I'll try to take some photos of Chris tomorrow at his party!

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