Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sweet Blue Bonnets

Hellooooo August!

It was 10 o'clock last night and I was really tired and I just wanted to go to bed but I was inspired to paint something....the feeling just kicks in and you just go and do it, it's sometimes a pretty great feeling to have....I wanted to do a purple and blue piece together.  I find purple and blue really clashing colors and sometimes it works and other times, it doesn't.  This one below is a more intricate mesh of small strokes with the brush for the blue bonnets and then wider strokes for the purple florals.

I rarely do square cards because I never have the right size envelopes, lol....but this one is about 4.5 x 4.5.

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to your August! Enjoy!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Christmas in July

Hello, Hello! It's Friday....yay....summer has been busy and fun and although we're having a heat wave right now, I have been working on some Christmas cards for the past few me....I never, ever get them done this early....but I had the time and decided to just go ahead and get as many done as possible.  Hoping to relax more at the end of the year and not stress so much.

I'm playing with so many different color combinations - everything from soft and pastel-y to bold and vibrant like this one.....lots of black, red, a few shades of pinks, a touch of brown, and 3 different shades of green.

I liked keeping the branches more to the left hand side of the card and leaving a lot of space towards the right side.

A super simple sentiment to finish off the look.

Have a happy weekend!! Enjoy the rest of summer!! Rake in all the sunshine before it's cold again. ;)) xo

Friday, June 30, 2017

Hello! How is everyone doing? Hope you all have some fun plans for the big holiday coming up.  We are lucky to have a five day weekend for the 4th of July, and then it's back to school after that for us....

It seems like it's been awhile since I've made something.....glad I got in a bit of painting tonight.

A mixture of pinks, reds, and oranges....a dabble of yellow, and some odd mix of green that actually turned out more blue, but I liked it so I kept it for the sporadic spotting.

And this one below, I made a few weeks back, I was totally inspired by my ceramic dish and wanted to make a design with the same colors......periwinkle, a very soft balance between purple and blue:

Once again, that little dabble of yellow that I seem to like.....

Have a fab weekend ahead!! xo

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Both of my cards today are going for somewhat of a tropical theme......I had my try at a Hibiscus flower back in January of this year..... so I tried it, once again, here today - except I just switched up the sentiment with a different one, but the design is very similar:

I love leaving a lot of white space sometimes.....and then there are other times where I get the urge to fill up all the white space like this one below.  I made this one with lots of red and a lot of color layering.... waiting for the lighter, bottom layer of colors to dry completely before adding additional colors on top...a bit time consuming but love the end result:

Sometimes I don't wait for the paint to dry thoroughly before adding my other paints and I end up with the distastrous effect of bleeding....and then it's a mess and I have to start over...ha! I'm learning!

To end this post, if anyone is interested and has not seen my post regarding sending cards to Jacob Priestley, please see HERE for the full story....and share as much as you can on social media.  Thank you! Have a great weekend! xo

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blossoming Bouquet AND a Great Cause - CARDS FOR JACOB.....

Happy Wednesday!!  I've been making so many cards lately, lots of fun birthdays, wedding, all different occasions, and a lot of 'Just Because' cards too, those are always fun to share with people. This floral bouquet I made last night, a combination of every color I could think of:

But really, I wanted to share another story here today that has captured my attention.  I came across this story by clicking on an ABC7 news story on Twitter.  I know a lot of us crafters get heavily involved with causes for children and, especially if it combines card making as well - then it becomes even more special and heartwarming.

Jacob is a terminally ill boy who will be turning 15 years old this August 28.  He is suffering from Mitochondrial disease.  It results in his body failing to produce energy for the cells in his body to facilitate proper functioning.  This disease leaves him bed-bound with a host of daily, painful symptoms. He is asking for 100,000 cards for his birthday and that is all he wishes.

You may follow his public story on Facebook at Adventures with Mighty Jake or you may follow an account that his parents have set up on Twitter @mightyjake828 - Jacob Priestley.

You may send other things if you wish but really, if you send even one, sweet card, that would make his day!  There is a secure postal box that you can send cards to so please share anywhere and with anyone you can that you think would be interested:

Jacob Priestley
P.O. Box 855
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

I'm hoping Jacob reaches his goals of all the wonderful cards, I know he has received tons already! Sending big hugs and lots of love to him and his family! xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

with love....

It's been ages since I've used vellum.......oh wait, I rarely ever use vellum, but today, I had this lovely sentiment that I thought looked great on the piece of vellum, so I decided to add that onto the painting.  Something else I hardly ever do is cover the painting:

Touched up the sentiment with gold and adhered it about 3/4 of the way down on the card....and I also haven't used twine for a long time too!  And Pearls! Still have a ton of embellishments that I want to use up!

And a little scenery I made a while back....have been wanting to get back into landscape painting.

That's it, I'm rushed for time right now, so keeping this super short and sweet.....Have a beautiful Tuesday! xo

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Learning about Brushes and some Flower Photography

Hello, Sunday! Hope you're all doing well! This weekend went by way too fast.... I've been taking advantage of sleeping in on weekends and it's been nice!!

So lately, I've been studying the different types of watercolor brushes out there and how to properly use them....from sizes, to shape, to the type of hair they have. Oh my gosh, so many - spotters, round, flat, angular, etc.... I feel like I'm back in school's great! Love it!

The angular is, to me, one of the most difficult shapes to work with.  Used mostly for detail work but also for making those fabulous three dimensional curves that are needed for roses, tulips, and petals.....I'm not even on that level yet....I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated I became with the angular brush the other day, I just couldn't get the 'curves' I was looking for with some of my roses....

But that's ok, have patience, I tell myself...... I keep practicing....loads of fun, and I hope to get better with each practice.

In other news, I've been taking tons of photos of flowers, trees, many blooms this time of the year that I can't pass on not capturing the beauty of each one - get ready for some flower power!!

Jacaranda Trees!! Yes, please! I admire these so much:

I rarely see orange roses, these are my fav!

Love the brilliance of yellow roses:

Carnations are always so sweet:

I don't think I have ever posted that many 'real' flowers before. Enjoy and have a beautiful week coming up!! xo

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

My little Monday evening happiness.

I probably won't be painting or blogging anything else for the rest of the, I wanted to drop in today and wish everyone in the states - a very, very Happy Mother's Day this weekend!! I hope all my friends and family members who are mommies and/or caregivers, have the most beautiful and memorable day with your loved ones.....

And for those whose mothers are no longer here with us, I send you my LOVE and lots of big hugs!!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Color inspiration

So I was driving along this morning....and a sweet pink, VW Bug was right in front of me..... you can't make this stuff up, was a cute car.....and truly the 'sweetest' color of pink.  I thought how daring to buy a pink car...I don't think I could do that....but anything else in my world can be pink. ;)

I concentrated on a little more detail on this rose above. I'm starting to fall in love with brown and grey leaves.  I'm sure the obsession with this color will pass and I'll pick another color to play with. And this card below is a tiny, 3.5 x 5.5 that I made two days ago.

Are you tired of my flowers yet? There are still so many different techniques I want to learn and the days seem shorter and shorter....I've yet to work with acrylic paints instead of water based paints and I really want to! I've seen acrylic paintings that look so amazing......

I think I'm going to get back into some landscapes soon too....I miss doing those.....

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Periwinkle and Grey

I went super, super soft fact, the design in reality is so soft that I didn't think I would be able to take a decent photo of it....I really had to turn on the high def on my camera to show the colors....

So mixing blue and purple together created my periwinkle.... and I took a normal, dark grey and saturated it quite a bit to make it as light as possible.

Tiny bits of yellow was added and an even smaller bit of green was added. And that was it.  I created three cards of the same design.

Grey and black are becoming some of my favorite colors to accentuate the other colors that I use.....two things I used to really shy away from were the darker, murky colors.....but I'm learning to love certain color combos as I use them more!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Inspired by a gift bag.....

It's Friday!! Yay!!!  Happy,, today, I was killing some time before school pick-up - and I went and browsed around inside some stores and saw these gorgeous watercolor gift bags - not that hard that it caught my eye immediately....and I fell in love with this gift bag below - it just screamed 'my mom' and I knew that I had to snatch it up just for her.

I couldn't wait to get home and paint a matching card to go with it:

To make the background appear bluish like the bag, I, first, smeared some Tim Holtz distress ink onto the background - Broken China.  I let it dry, and then proceeded to start painting the florals on top of it.  Some of the leaves on the bag are a super, dark green and almost blackish, I rarely use deep purple and black together so I wasn't sure how this would turn out on paper.....but I went for it anyway....

All that was used was black, white,  a touch of yellow, dark green, light green, purple blue, lavender, and deep purple.

The only things stamped was a butterfly and the sentiment - from a very old W9Plus set.

Had some leftover cardstock and made another card.....this second one did not have to match exactly like the bag so I went for more of a freestyle design but used all the same colors:

I have a question.....What do you all use for white paint?? Brand? I'm in need of a super white ink that I can paint white leaves.....the problem is, I can't seem to find a white ink that will appear a solid white on hard!  If you have a favorite white ink that works well on watercolor paper...hit me up with the info....would love to know!

Oh, and if you want that bag up above - and there is an assortment of other beautiful, watercolor bags as well - at TJ Maxx (if you have one in your area)....go now, before they are all gone....they ranged from about $1.29 to $2.79, somewhere around there, super pretty!!

Have a beautiful weekend! Cheers! xo

Monday, April 17, 2017

Card sets for my mom and never-before-seen photos of her.....

My sweet, little mom requested a whole bunch of cards from me so that she may give to her friends.....of course, I was happy to make them for her.  Been having a lot of fun swooshing around my paintbrushes and making different designs for her and in a multitude of colors.

The set above I tried to make them all look a like but I mentioned previously that it's almost impossible for me to exactly replicate a flower so I made each one slightly different, the differences are very minimal, but you can tell they are not exactly the same.  I think I've used every color of the rainbow on another set not shown here, and can't wait to give these to her. Hope she likes them.

Anyway, since I'm talking about my mom, it's almost Mother's Day, and what are you giving to your mom or doing for her?? It gets harder every year, doesn't it?? What do you give to one of the most important and perfect person in your life? The woman who has taught you and is still teaching you all about this so called thing about 'life'?  I have not a clue what I'm doing for her and I'm sure I'll make a special card just for her....still undecided.

I try to keep this blog strictly to just my artsy stuff and steer away from personal photos.....but....every once-in-a-while, I make an exception....and since I'm in the mood for rambling and honoring my mom today, thought I would post these photos of her......when she was very little....perhaps 10 or 11. Not really sure the exact age at all.

These are rare and precious and she had thought she lost all of her childhood photos when we fled the war in the 70's.  But, fortunately, her sister had safely hidden these photos of her and years and years later was able to retrieve them and send them to my mom.  Just a few months ago, all the kids finally got a glimpse for the first time of my mom as a little girl.

She is sooooo sweet, if you ever met her, you would fall in love with her....she is hilarious! She is complex, yet simple......I think I get my simplicity from her.....she is traditional, yet she mixes her traditional values into a very modern age of thinking.

This is one of my favorites above, what a smile!

And the last one:

There were so many photos, but just a few my sweet mom! And of all the great qualities I love about my mom, there is one that stands out...she is.... forgiving.....a trait that I find exceptionally difficult to have, yet she has taught me a lot about love, kindness, and...... forgiveness.....truly a remarkable lady! I can't wait to see you for Mother's Day this year.....

Friday, March 31, 2017 melt my heart....

If you know me by now, you know that lavender is my color.....well...lavender and pink....they both rate at the very top.  As much as I am into the softer purples, I rarely work with a deep purple like plum, or eggplant....I usually don't go darker than a magenta....but today, I played around with really bold purples.

To really intensify the color, I added black lines to my leaves to make veins, and it really made the green much darker as well....I normally don't add the detail to my leaves but it was fun doing it here. Have little wisps of wisteria peeking out of my vase.

In contrast -- below is a much softer purple, very pure and simple:

That's it for my week! What a week!  It's officially April.....wasn't it just Christmas??

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Oh, Hydrangeas....... are so incredibly complex.....but one day I shall figure you out....but for now, I will consider this some good practice - I think it turned out only a smidgen better than my first attempt in which I posted awhile ago.

Aside from that, my color wheel today made me super happy!!  Playing with only blues, purples, and greens!  Gah, I could seriously stare all day at my floral ink tray. I really love those colors together.

When I went to take the edited photo below - I turned it upside down and I think I like the upside down version better. you ever do that? Turn your finished product the other way and see if you like it better or not....I do it all the stuff!

I will definitely keep practicing this flower....have a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny week, everyone!! Go find something deliciously purple!!!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Psst....I have a little confession

When it comes to pretty, crafty things ....I honestly like to make them for, well.... other people.  That is really the true joy of creating - is to give to someone else. I rarely, if ever (aside from scrapbook pages), make anything for myself... home decor.....for example.

You would think that as a crafty person, one would intensely create to beautify ones home, but I've never made the effort to.

Strange, hah? So, if you walk into my home and expect absolutely gorgeous color splattered everywhere - nope.....all my walls are white and bare, yet mildly functional.....

And yet, why is that? I ask myself what on earth has taken me so long to decorate? Time, perhaps?? When the kids are young? Everything is messy anyways, when you have young children, so why bother? And I would peruse countless hours on Pinterest and whatnot for dreamy ideas - clicking that 'PIN' button faster than lightning....

But has mellowed somewhat for's still busy, ofcourse...with everyday things.....but not quite as frantic as say 2 years ago or even 5 years ago. And I'm not saying life won't get busy again....for I know it will.

But for now, I'm being allowed a bit more time for me....and I'm starting to take advantage of that.....

So I finally went ahead and painted my own 8 x 10 wall art to hang up. Eeps! I'm so happy I did. Finished it up and got it framed.  It now gently hangs next to a piece of art that my son made and one of my wedding photos.

At the very end of the painting as it was drying, I really wanted to put an inspirational verse down on the left hand side, just a little below the pink rose.....I thought about it and then decided to leave as is and not touch it any further....

I'm pleased with the finished product...hoping to start up some other items as well soon! Yay~ So happy, and HAPPY SPRING~!