Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring Blooms

I made a few cards this morning while I was sitting waiting for some construction work to be finished on our house.  Oh, the noise level, drilling....power saws, hammering....What better way to drown out all that noise than a bit of art therapy.....therapeutic indeed as you can just focus on the art, turn your attention inwards to whatever it is that you are creating.

Two of the cards are super delicate and the third was a bit bolder in color.

For the delicate cards, I just painted freely, with whatever colors I wanted and all sorts of shapes of flowers and leaves.  I pretty much just took my brush and swished it all over the card base. The third card, my brush strokes were a little more controlled.

I just love that Spring is coming soon..... and real flowers begin to bloom.....one of my most favorite seasons and everything is so pretty and somewhat... magical......

Have a beautiful day...xoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart shaped florals

This was my first attempt at creating a heart shaped floral wreath....oooh, this was a hard one.  I made two of them and I think the total time was about 3 hours. I did some preliminary sketching but after I started painting, I was getting nervous about messing up. Coordinating all of the colors was a lot of fun:

I added a sentiment from a Mama Elephant set called Bountiful Blessings.  And added a few light, lavender pearls.

This second one, I have yet to adhere to a card base, haven't decided how I will complete the card, but here is at least the watercoloring part -

I went with an all purple theme.  That completes my week. What an amazing week of learning...my brain is full of ideas right now and my heart is happy. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The smaller I go......

the harder it is to see....yikes. I am continuing my watercoloring journey and thoroughly enjoying it. My previous watercoloring projects have been quite large as I did most of them in my sketch book. Today I wanted to make a really small one so that I could cut and adhere onto a card. Thought I'd try some mini heart flowers.

The stems and leaves are super tiny and I had to squint my eyes while painting this, lol. Oh boy...but so much fun.

I kept the flowers in one straight line across the paper and tried some squiggly lines as well. I still need a lot of work on my 'squiggles'. Overall, really simple and straightforward.

The sentiment that was stamped is from an older set from Avery Elle.

Friday, February 5, 2016

More practice...

Today, I practiced more precision and fine tuning my leaves.....leaves are the most difficult for me.  Not so much the last photo here, but the first two, I concentrated a bit more on control of my right hand and my brush. I love that watercoloring can be so versatile and leaves are fun to dabble with.

You know I had to throw in pink somewhere, right? And I meshed in bits of yellow...light brown, charcoal, and medium and dark green.

My attempt at poppies.  Not exactly how I wanted them, but it will do for now.

And another vase, I wanted a rounder, plump looking vase today with bigger leaves, shorter stems:

Too much fun this week....hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! It is sunny and beautiful this week and I can't wait to head outside and play! xoxo

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Todays little adventure.....

....so the watercoloring obsession continues....SOOOO much fun! I was in the mood for blues and yellows.  I love these two colors together...they compliment each other well.  I decided I wanted my blooms in a glass vase....I had to do a sketch first as this one was a little more difficult for me to visualize just from freehand brushing.

Here was my rough sketch before I began painting in all the colors:

That's it for today. One thing about watercoloring, there aren't too many supplies to list...pretty basic - some brushes, watercolor paper, your favorite inks, and water....and let your imagination run...I'm having so much fun learning....always a student. I love being a student. Always learning new things.... everyday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I've been playing around with all purple today......sigh....there's never enough time to play, is there? Lavender, 2nd in line to my top of the throne color, Pink - is such a favorite of mine to work with....Lavender was also my wedding color....so I'm kind of biased about it. ;)

I used a much finer tip brush combination for the flowers below:

....I have a ton of brushes that are just regular tip brushes, but for very detailed and finer strokes I have the two below that I love to use. They are the only two I have that are professional brushes.  

Hope to have time to experiment a bit more this week....this watercoloring ordeal is getting pretty addictive...my poor family.....they may never see me again....I may go into hiding and just paint all day. ;)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Take time to reflect on your journey.....

Happy Friday! Just a few more cards today then I'm off and running again.  I'm far from where I want to be with my watercoloring skills....I would love to be at that point where I can master it, but watercoloring is hard, it's probably one of the hardest mediums to work with ~ in my opinion.  It takes lots and lots of practice and I will definitely be practicing more.....but this sentiment that I used on this card - I think states it perfectly how I feel....it's truly the 'journey' and progress:

I've also been playing with different types of ink to see which ones work best.....so much fun to explore and experiment.  Some inks I've found run and are too wet.  Often times I feel I don't have the right tip for the brush.  Right? We all lack some type of crafty tool that we want! ;)

So much more experimenting to do.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xoxo

Distress Inks and Memento Inks.
Tim Holtz Watercolor/Distress Papers.
Sentiment: Impression Obsession and Hero Arts.
Versafine Onyx Black Ink.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello, Paintbrush.....

I dived into a lot of watercoloring today.....I put everything aside and pretty much just sat with my paintbrush, some distress inks, and swiveled it back and forth until I made some type of artwork. So much fun. Art therapy, such a soothing thing.  Now if you know me, you know that I rarely dabble in red, but I decided to do a bolder look first:

Then for the next batch below,  I used the softer, more delicate ink colors for a pastel combo:

I've been crazy over ranunculus flowers as of late, so yummy!! Would like to do a set of these in a frosty, sugar pink.  Just can't wait for spring when all the flowers really start blooming!


Tim Holtz Distress Inks.
Watercolor paper.
'With Love' sentiment on top card: Hero Arts
Light green pearls.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh.....Valentine's Day.....

.....how I yearn for you.....

Christmas is not quite here yet, and already....I am in the mood for Valentine's.

Four words: hearts, flowers, pink, delicate.

It's me.

Ok, I admit....flowers is an everyday kind of thing for me - an ALL-YEAR-ROUND kind of thing....but Valentine's is special. It's lovable and huggable. ;)  I haven't made any cards yet but I was up way too late last night fooling around with some fun apps I have...gotta love this digital age.  First finding that photo that we want to tell the story, embedding it, layering, cropping, adding the little details, the colors. Choosing the right words....the words that define how we truly feel.  It's so fun, easy, fast, simple.

I hope you are all ready to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends....I think I'm done finishing everything that I needed to....time to relax a bit today and just breathe it all in.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Re-inventing the old......

....and making it fresh and new. How's everyone doing on their holiday cards? I still have a few more I need to make.  But took a quick break to get some holiday shopping in and spent some time on gift wrapping.  I LOVE gift wrapping, it was where I started before I even knew what card making was - and what I've been doing lately is really trying to purge and use all of my existing supplies.  It's kind of like a personal challenge - use it all, use what you already have.....hoard less. ;)

And what's great about digging through your existing supplies, is that you really will find gems! Things you had that you had forgotten about....easy and simple ways to spruce up a holiday gift box.....for literally -------> $0.  The following wrapping ideas costed nothing. Yay!!

I'm finding a lot of twine that I will use to decorate just plain brown packing paper with. I'll show those a bit later.  For the above, the wrapping paper, (Disney characters are always a classic with little girls in the family) we've had forever, I may have used them 3 years in a row.  The ribbon I still have from back in the day when I would use ribbons on my cards for submission.  Those days are pretty much done now and I still have leftover ribbon far and wide from manufacturers and crafty stores.  I hardly use ribbons on cards anymore unless it's just a small amount.  The fabric flowers and paper flowers are from the Recollections at M's.  Since they have tiny fasteners at the end, they are great for attaching directly to the ribbon.  They clamp easily around the ribbon and adhere pretty well.

The tag is plain and can be decorated with stamping on it or in this case, I kept it ultra simple and put a sweet sticker on it....for a little girl.....I used stickers that I received as a promotion from a store. After I was finished wrapping this box, I ended up adhering a few more stickers for a merrier look!

For the above box, I used blue satin ribbon with more fabric florals that would have just sat in my closet forever.  I normally tie and string through 4 strings of ribbon for a 'fluffier' look with more dimension.  The cellophane bag is super inexpensive and I bought those in bulk at Daiso about 6 months ago.  I filled that bag with more fun stickers for the recipient and attached that to the tag as well.

And for all those masking tape rolls that get lost in your boxes....use them as tape with your wrapping instead of scotch tape.....they've worked really well for me and add that extra touch of color!

So much fun and I can't wait to wrap more boxes.  Have a great week!! Just one more week to go until Christmas!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, hello there Mr. Brown Eyes

Today - you turn the BIG 1-1.


It's been a very fun yet crazy week of spending time with family, a birthday celebration, capturing memories, and trying to balance my daily life.  I haven't had too much time to stop and really think, really more of a go, go, go attitude, just do it. And perhaps think about it all later when things calm down.

I did want to sit down and finish one more layout for Chris' birthday, using the newest photo of him from yesterday. A little bit of my journaling. I really wanted a burst of color to pop and frame his facial features, so instead of pulling out a birthday kit, I decided to use a fun summer kit that I had used earlier this year.  I think it worked out well for what I was trying to accomplish.

I used two PL kits for a more traditional scrapbook look.  I am a bit exhausted at the moment and need to rest. My body is telling me I must rest. But December is the ultimate of busy, us crafters know that. And how about some detoxing after the long Thanksgiving weekend? Boy, do I need it. Way too much food this week!

Hope all my friends and family in the states had a beautiful Thanksgiving week!


PL Core Kits - My Favorite Things and Hi Sunshine.
Corner rounder.

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's that time of the year....

....no, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.....but the time in November when this BOY here.....below, has a special day.  It's the time in November when I frantically take out my camera and the process begins....the task of capturing another year of growth and development. It's a joyful task, though....perhaps more so for me than him. I take a little over 100 photos and carefully choose the ones I adore....

Some I keep privately, others I share with the world.

He sees me with my camera and sighs, lol....he KNOWS, he so knows, ''Uh oh, here she goes!'' ''How many poses, mom?" - "Oh, just a few," I say. It's an arduous tradition and our poor kids really don't enjoy it that much, they whine, they complain, they make hilarious excuses to get out of it and be done already.  They don't understand why we do it.  But someday, they will.

It's another year that is important for me to document. It's a moment you can never have again.....it only happens once. Then it becomes a precious memory.

I love this 'PRESS PAUSE' sentiment from the card kit Favorite Things Edition.  I have combined two PL Kits that I've used before into this layout.  The other kit is Heidi Swapp's Gold Foil.  So much prettiness in both kits.  I love mixing and matching all of these Project Life Kits. So much fun.

I love to cut up a lot of the cards and layer them onto other cards for more of a 'color' punch.

Still have so many more photos to process. Can't wait to play with them and create more albums.

Wishing you all a fantastic week!


Journaling cards/kits: Becky Higgins/Heidi Swapp/Project Life.  Favorite Things Edition. Gold Foil Kit.
Corner Rounder.
Veneer Wooden letters by Heidi Swapp.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Find beauty in the simple things...

....Hello, and happy Tuesday!  I hope you're all doing well! I had a bit of time to put together the definition of simplicity today.  I got out my embossing tool to see if it still worked, and voila! It still does! ;)

Blended in some watercoloring, with also large stroke coloring to complete the look on the big flower. This Camellia by Technique Tuesday is a lovely one for embossing.

Tied it all together with a red and white piece of twine, I had originally opted for a matching color, but the red was a good fit for the pink, which I often find an odd color combo at times.

The sentiment is from Hero Arts.


Floral stamp: Technique Tuesday/Camellia.
Sentiment: Hero Arts/Find Beauty by Lia/E6090.
Neenah Solar White Cardstock.
Peppermint Twine.
Versafine Onyx Black Ink.
Heat Gun.
Opaque White Embossing Powder.
Versamark Ink.
Copic Markers.
Memento Inks.
Enamel Dots by My Minds Eye.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I AM......

This Simple Stories Collection is really perfect for the project that I've been spending some time on lately....out of the three albums that I've completed this summer....the fourth one will be a bit more personal in nature, about ME.....It will be more an album reflecting - simply - how I have progressed and changed within the last 20 months....my own personal strengths, weaknesses, my moments of happiness, my moments of struggle ~ my overall moments:

It will reflect on those days where I felt despair, how I dealt with it.....and what I initiated to change all of that.....It will decisively end with where I AM now....which is:

Loving Life...
Who I want to be...

The circles on the LO represents the main character and the life force 'around' her (ME) that enriches and fulfills her happiness.  The album itself will comprise a lot of my deepest thoughts and how some of my new ventures has changed me.

It's a gorgeous collection and I love it!  Here is the album portion of it that I'm still layering together all of the little bits and pieces:

Some of my favorite colors!!  And here's a close-up of some of the pretty sentiments:

Enjoy! Hope you're all having a fantastic week!


Journaling Kit and Papers: I AM/Simple Stories.
Corner punch: EK Success.
Neenah Solar White cardstock.
Spellbinder's Circle Dies.
'Happy' Die: Simon Says Stamp.
Butterfly Punch.
Enamel Dots: My Minds Eye.
Lace Doilies.
Small/Large Circle Punches.
Medium Heart Punch. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

amazing YOU.

In an effort to use up all of my supplies ~ because honestly, I just don't have any more room to store my crafty stuff.  It's becoming enormously too much over the years.  Must really use everything I can to make it worthwhile. Either purge or use, right?

The PL kits that I've been using are way too pretty to use solely on scrap pages....so I have been playing with them and putting a lot of the cards onto, well, bigger cards.  So much fun to work with these individual pieces, mixing and matching and ultimately layering for a desired look:

5 different pieces of cardstock were used from the PL Kit.

I love these happy colors together.....Pink and Black have always been one of my favorite card color combos and with the addition of some blues, makes it pop just a bit.  I did some tiny bits of stamping at the bottom with a Hero Arts stamp set called Color Layering Happy Day Flowers.  The sentiment is also from the same set.

Added some twine, a really old butterfly wooden chipboard, a few yummy clear crystals, and done....a happy little card!!

Stamps: Hero Arts/CL864/Color Layering Happy Day Flowers.
Colored cardstock: Project Life/Becky Higgins/Heidi Swapp/Favorite Things Edition.
Inks: Hero Arts/AF240/Field Notes.
Inks: Hero Arts/AF296/Winter.
Inks: Hero Arts/AF316/Color Lights by Lia.
Neenah Solar White Cardstock.
Red and Baby Blue twine.
Butterfly chipboard.
Gems: Hero Arts/CH253/Azure Blue.